Here are a few pointers to help you navigate and get the most out of Cloud Pegboard.

Services Table tips

Searching (filtering rows)

Filtering columns

Use the Perspectives menu choice to select the columns to display. Changing the perspective does not change what rows are displayed.

Creating lists of services

You can create lists of services to uses as quick filters for what rows are displayed. Lists can also be used to generate email notifications for services in the selected lists.

: Looking for help on Cloudcraft integration? Click here for details.

To create a list, select the desired rows in the table, then use the My Services menu to create a list. Details follow...

To select services
To create list from selections

Experimental alternative

We are experimenting with alternative ways for you to create lists that make it as easy and productive for you as possible.

If it helps, feel free to email us ANY artifact that contains lists of services, and we'll create your lists for you (in the future, the methods that are most popular will be automated directly via the UI.

Example artifact formats include:

  • CloudFormation or Terraform templates
  • Scripts using AWS CLI
  • Code using any AWS SDK (e.g., Boto3, etc.)
  • Architecture diagrams from any drawing tool (e.g, PowerPoint,, PDF, Visio, etc.)
  • Output from logs, describe commands or anything that contains the names of AWS services that you care about

Using lists to filter rows

To filter the displayed rows using one of your lists

re:Invent Sessions table

To make the most of our re:Invent session planning features, please see our re:Invent Sessions Table tips page for using the re:Invent session table.

Slack integration

To use Slack to query Cloud Pegboard and for other Slack integration help, please see this Slack help page.

Cloudcraft integration

To automatically create Cloud Pegboard lists of AWS services based on your library of Cloudcraft blueprints, please see our Cloudcraft integration page.

Feedback please!

Please Contact us and let us know about anything that we can do better! We want you to have an awesome experience using Cloud Pegboard and need to hear from you so that we know where we can improve. Thanks!