AWS Service Counts Summary

Last updated: January 2020

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  • Total count of all AWS services and tools in Cloud Pegboard database: 283
    • GA: 269
    • Non-GA: 14 (Preview, Private, Announced, Beta)
  • Services with unique IAM prefixes190. There are 219 total IAM prefixes.
  • Services by product listing counting: 191
  • Services with dedicated console URLs159
  • Services by namespace counting: 182
  • Services with one or more CLI commands174
Developer tooling support
  • Boto3 support: 180
  • CloudFormation support: 102
  • Terraform support: 102

Note that even though the CloudFormation and Terraform counts are the same, the services supported in each case are differing, with only about 75% supported by both.

Other cloud providers

  • Microsoft Azure services count: 261
  • Google Cloud Platform services count: 115

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Trend charts

Following are several charts that show AWS growth patterns across various metrics.


182 namespaces as of end of 2019. Growth pattern as shown by measuring namespace growth. Namespace growth roughly correlates with total service growth (which has higher absolute numbers). Growth is exponential.


6305 cummulative accouncements as of end of 2019. Growth is exponential. 1853 announcements in 2019.

Blog Posts

11,446 blog posts as of end of 2019. Growth is exponential. 2610 blog posts in 2019.

re:Invent 2019 sessions

3797 total entries in the session catalog. Of those, 1969 are unique titles. 82% were added after initial release of catalog.