Set Cloudcraft API key
Once saved, key is encrypted and cannot be viewed. Previous key is overwritten.
How to create your Cloudcraft API key
  1. Open your Cloudcraft application
  2. Click the profile icon on the upper right of the page
  3. Select the API keys menu item
  4. Click the CREATE API KEY button
  5. Enter a name (e.g., For Cloud Pegboard use)
  6. For role, select Read only
  7. Click SAVE API KEY
  8. Copy the resulting key, and paste it above on this page

Once you have saved your key, you will be able to automatically create and update Cloud Pegboard service lists, by simply clicking the Cloudcraft IMPORT button on the profile page. For each blueprint in your account, Cloud Pegboard will extract the list of services used to build a list with a name that matches the blueprint name.

  • You can use service lists as predefined filters in the Services Table and to establish email notifications via the profile menu.
  • Lists imported from Cloudcraft are identified in drop-down menus with the Cloudcraft icon .
  • When you select a list in the Services Table view, an image of your blueprint will be drawn below the table for reference.
  • If you change the services used in a blueprint and re-import, the Cloud Pegboard list of services will update
  • Best practice is to create a unique key for Cloud Pegboard use. To disable the integration, delete the key from the Cloudcraft application.